Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bunny and Mickey Mouse Tattoo

Bunny and Mickey Mouse TattooBunny and Mickey Mouse Tattoo

Childhood memories are amazing; anyone of us if given the opportunity would love to live those moments again. The bunny and mickey mouse tattoo above made me recall my wonderful childhood moments when we used to sit hours in front of the idiot box, yes our TV sets to watch our favorite cartoon programs. Getting your favorite characters etched won’t bring the childhood back but would definitely let you recall those moments and bring a smile on your face.

Rose Tattoo

Although most people associate with female flowers, The Rose Tattoo is the only one who has transcended the barriers between the sexes and is approximately equal for men and women. For most people, roses mean love, passion and emotion - whether the model can be used in several different contexts.

Rose Tattoo
The first thing you should consider when choosing a design Rose Tattoo is whether you want the flower to the main theme of your design or just an image focus in a much broader concept. While the rose is beautiful on its own initiative, you can also integrate it into another image to change the meaning of design. Example. Add a little progress on the image to an image of the skull may soften the design and even make a remark about the duality of life and death.

You should also think about what your color is Rose Tattoo. Of course, if a rose tattoo design stands alone, it is much more important part of a larger, more colorful images. If you have chosen feature a rose, we recommend you choose a color that is compatible with the skin tone, and makes the kind of feeling you are going. Many people assume that the rose tattoo is red, but the use of yellow, orange and purple can also be equally attractive design - and maybe even look better and longer.

To get a better feel for some of the rose tattoo designs are available, I look around the internet to see how other people have used this image. There really is a wide range of styles, from a single flower of pink roses bunched together with a series of pictures of Rose, which contain the leaves and stems of flowers. It's important to think carefully about which style is best suited, before the end of the tattoo shop.

some Hearts Tattoo Design

Needled Hearts Tattoo Design tattoos have always been and will always be in vogue. Some time back, we came up with   tatoo that were damn  Weren’t they? Check out another  tat which I’m sure you naughty guys will simply adore! Little needled hearts tattoo on the  looks simply awesome, correct me if I’m wrong!

Apple Tattoo Lower Back

Sexy Apple Tattoo Lower BackSneak a peek into the tattoo pictured above. I need not ask you guys, what symbol tattoo it is, do I? It’s an apple icon tattoo on  gal’s lower back. Simply geeky and  I must say!


Colorfull Flower Tattoo

Colorfull Flower TattooFlowers in all their myriad diversity and color have and will always hold a special place in our hearts. Mostly favored by women, the flower tattoos are like clothes, accessories, the only difference is that you can wear your tattoos to bed. It’s like having these beautiful images with you all the time which not only enhances ones beauty but also acts as symbol of birth, life, procreation, death and rebirth. I think this tattoo is really awesome and is making this gal look more appealing, sexier, more feminine and powerful.