Monday, December 13, 2010

Star Tattoo Design

Star tattoos hold several meanings depending on the type and style of the star. They could be a sign of aspiration and goals that you have set in your own life that hold significant meaning. The meaning of a star tattoos can also be dependent upon how many points the star has. Bearers of star tattoos don’t always have a meaning but instead could just be an attractive design that a person chooses to have on their body.
  • Shooting Star When considering a star tattoo that represents a significant moment in a person’s life, a shooting star is ideal. This can represent any number of things ranging from a special relationship, promotion, enlightenment and more. Anything that has changed a person can be symbolized by shooting star tattoos
  • Nautical Star A nautical star is a symbol of guidance. Old superstitions believed that the nautical star would help guide a person on their journey or back home safely. Often when a person is seeking guidance, the nautical star shows best the meaning of those feelings. This five pointed star holds a special place in protection as well as guidance and can make for great star tattoos.
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  • Pentagram Star The pentagram is a popular star tattoo and its meaning is generally varied by whether or not the star points up or down. When facing downward, most feel it is a satanic sign symbolizing the head of a Ram. If the pentagram is pointed upward, according to Celtic beliefs, is a symbol of protection, balance, magic and story-telling. The five points represent the four elements with the fifth point on top representing the Spirit who reigns over all of the elements. These star tattoos are recommended for anyone looking to symbolize a sense of harmony as well.
  • The Star of David The Star of David or hexagram is another popular star among religious aspect. This star originated from the fact that it was said that David once carried a shield that resembled the six pointed star when he defeated Goliath in battle. It symbolizes the Divine’s interaction with man-kind. This star has also been referred to as the Seal of Solomon or the Creator’s Star. This Jewish star has been seen throughout centuries, even back in the days of the Nazis and is one of the more popular star tattoo designs.
  • Seven Pointed Star The seven pointed star, known as the septagram, is appealing to the mystical side of any individual as this is what it represents. This can be tied to many Hindu symbols when paired with the seven planets. The fact that the number seven itself has always held significance in superstitions of luck and fortune also plays into the septagram. It is also believed that this star represents the perfect male.
  • Octogram Star Anyone who bears a sense of fullness might find themselves interested in the octogram or eight pointed star. Rooted among Pagans and Egyptians alike, the octogram holds meaning when paired with the Pagan wheel or the Ogdoad of ancient Egypt. Also used as a symbol for American firefighters, these star tattoos hold a wealth of meaning to the bearer.
  • Nanogram Star Last but certainly not least, the nanogram is also known as the nine pointed star and represents stability or things achieved in a person’s life. Tying into the Norse mythology, it is said to represent the nine worlds.

No matter the reason a person chooses to get star tattoos, there is either significant purpose or symbolization of that tattoo or an attractive adornment that one chooses to have upon their body.

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