Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sexy Wrist Tattoo designs

If you have ever seen the distinctive Maori tattoo designs, you already know how beautiful and dramatic that they are. Maori tattoo designs are striking, but their meaning is not always readily understood. What do these permanent marks mean, and how are they interpreted? If you are curious about this type of design, there are a few facts that can get you started.
Maori tattoo designs are quite distinctive, and they originate from the Maori people of New Zealand, where tattooing is considered a sacred art. In this distinctive type of tattooing, you'll find that you'll see a lot of curved shapes and spirals that conform to an intricate and recognizable pattern.
You'll find that while smaller spirals might predominate the design, you can often step back and see them forming a larger pattern in general. Maori tattoo designs often cover the face, though they can be seen on any part of the body.